Organic Foot Balm and Natural Pumice Stone Set

Organic Foot Balm and Natural Pumice Stone Set

$26.00 CAD

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This is a set of the basic organic foot care, Natural Pumice Stone for gently scrubbing and exfoliating experience and our Organic Foot Balm for smooth and well moisturized happy feet.

  • AMAZING RESULTS: Therapeutic grade formulation of Organic Tea Tree and Peppermint Oil has magical effect to deeply penetrate and moisturize your DRY and CRACKED feet. This results in effectively soothing and repairing the DRY and CRACKED feet in few days of using this Foot Balm.
  • FAST RECOVERY: Shea Butter combined with Beeswax, Olive, Coconut and Calendula Oil infused with Vitamin E visibly stays on your feet much longer than lotion or cream to continuously nourish and moisturize your feet while it repairs the DRY & CRACKED skin.
  • NO RECURRENCE: Apply the Foot Balm liberally to your feet daily to build defense and help prevent future dryness and crack of your feet.
  • ORGANIC: Free from harsh chemicals, paraben, artificial color or preservatives.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you do not get the result you are expecting, NOVIGO will provide you with a full purchase refund. No questions asked!